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Moving with Passion

We were all born to fully engage in life --- to celebrate the dawn of each new day, appreciate the awesome beauty of nature as it unfolds around us, and to simply relish the toe-tickling, heart-expanding feeling of being, doing and sharing our best with others with every breath we take.  But somehow we forgot!  We forgot that we are magnificent, eternal beings capable of designing the most glorious,  magical life.  We forgot we are powerful beyond measure.  Maybe it's the hectic schedules, the unrelenting stress or the constant pressures we face that leave us too exhausted to even think about enjoying life.  Or maybe it's the uncertainty that surrounds us, the never-ending change that occupies our days and often keeps us up at night.  Whatever the reason for our lack of energy or enthusiasm about life, Passionate Moves, or approaching life from the sacred space of the heart, helps us to let go of the insanity of an unfulfilling life and embrace the exquisite peace and serenity of following the wisdom of the heart.  And actual physical activity can lead the way.

When we move from the sacred space of the heart, when we become active in a way that  nourishes our soul with every move we make, we transform our movement from a purely physical activity to a life-enhancing, spirit-guided, exhilarating experience.  Through Passionate Moves we uncover the strength and beauty that resides deep within us and learn a new way of being in this world.  We not only become stronger, but more confident and courageous as well.  We feel a contentment and peace enter our lives even in times of great challenges and change.   We come to see the greatness, the potential,  and the sacred in all that we are and in all that is around us.  It's not about focusing with regret on what is, but imagining with joyous expectations what could be.  Passionate Moves is about embracing life to the fullest by allowing movement to be a doorway to discovery and a chance to change your life in an extraordinary way.  So if you don't think you have time to even consider the thought of moving more, think again.  Passionate Moves is not just about becoming more active, it's about rediscovering a whole new way of living that soothes the mind, replenishes the body and reignites the passion in your soul.   It's about making a difference not only in your life, but in the life of others as well.  As you change for the better, so does the world

A big part of moving passionately is moving in nature, especially the woods and the mountains.  When you walk in the woods, you connect with Creation itself.  It is here in this pure and serene habitat where freedom and flow reign over deadlines and demands.  Your problems begin to shrink and your stresses slowly fade as you experience firsthand the uncomplicated raw beauty of trees holding witness to life unfolding, moment by moment unencumbered by worries, unhampered by desires.  There are no judgments, no demands and no expectations here.  Instead there is only the richness of a wild and virgin territory that speaks softly and directly to your heart, urging you to remember what it was like to live authentically at nature's pace.  If you want to personally experience the extraordinary gift of connecting intimately with nature, and with your heart, check out our "Unplug with Nature" programs.  Some of the programs are walks, some are hikes, all are life-changing.

We are living in the most remarkable times this planet has ever experienced.  More than any other time in history, we now have the power to make significant changes in our lives and the lives of the entire global community.  One of the greatest assets that will help us at this time, along with our faith, is our vision, our consciousness.  Through this website, it is our hope to introduce you to some new concepts that will help you assimilate a more active and proactive lifestyle that will allow you to sail through these times and enjoy the journey along the way.  To receive bi-monthly updates that will not only carry you through these tumultuous times but help you soar above them, become a member of this site and leave your e-mail in the box on the right side of this page.  We respect your privacy and will not forward or sell your e-mail to others.  The time is NOW.  It's your move.  Make it matter.

Here's what they're saying about Darlene:

"Don't be fooled by Darlene's quiet, soft spoken manner....she is an amazingly powerful healer!  I recently experienced a long distance healing session with her to release severe pain in various parts of my body due to rheumatoid arthritis.  As we carried on a conversation, I noticed my muscles and tendons beginning to relax.  Then the pain induced anxiety began melting away.  As that clear sense of calm continued to grow, so did the tears of relief and gratitude for the dramatic shifts taking place.  By the time the session ended, I was free of pain, and very excited to set a date for some follow up work.  Thank you so very much, Darlene.  I am feeling blessed to have found you."   -----Barbara T.

"Darlene's heart says it all.  She is gifted with a loving, deeply-felt knowing of energy, which she gives to her clients with every treatment.  Being a recipient of her healing treatments, I can attest to her powerful, gentle and so very life-changing abilities.  Darlene is marvelous beyond compare."  -----Lisa G.

"Darlene is a very competent, professional, loving and open-hearted healer!  I have been seeing her for some time now and every time I experience a sensation of Wellness and Harmony!  I would recommend Darlene to anyone who is going through any kind of health issue.  Get in touch with this special gifted woman and see how her healing can assist you on your path."   -----Cristina P.

"Sessions with Darlene have been extremely beneficial to me.  I immediately feel the loving energy of the room she has prepared for these sessions when I walk in.  It is so easy to relax and be open because of the positive, loving energy emanating from her and the oasis she has created.  The sessions themselves are very powerful; and, for me, the visions coming forth showing me my guides, angels and the blockages I am working on.  Afterwards I feel more powerful and able to connect more quickly to Source and stay in the NOW.  Wonderful!"  ----Barb P.

"In her intelligently and well-documented book, 'Taking Flight Through Movement', Darlene reminds us that those among us who are starting to awaken to our true nature as spiritual beings oftentimes neglect an important aspect of mind/body/spirit.  For even though we recognize our body as a temple, our tendency is to give almost exclusive attention to our spiritual pursuits at the expense of our physicality.  How to achieve wellness on our evolutionary path is what Darlene has chosen to point out in her most elegant manner.  Having demonstrated the miraculous engineering of the living organism which is our body, she addresses the importance of health and physical wellbeing as an essential component toward wholeness.  She then guides us and encourages us to integrate simple exercises into our daily routine.  If we add to this the fact that Darlene displays an exceptional talent as a story teller as well as an inspirational teacher, this book can be clearly seen for what it is....a true gem.  For not only does it stress the needs and means of loving, honoring and nurturing our body temple, it offers multiple precious tools and affirmations to support us on our journey.  In brief, this book is an inspirational treasure to motivate us on our path to healthy evolution."    ----Solange S.

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Every day in Africa, a lion wakes up.  It knows it has to move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve.  Every day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.  It knows it has to move faster than the fastest lion or it will die.  It really doesn't matter if you're a lion or a gazelle.  What matters is that when the sun comes up, you better be moving.

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